Planning a Historical Expedition...

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Planning a Historical Expedition... Empty Planning a Historical Expedition...

Post  Adam Hodges-LeClaire on Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:18 pm

Basically, one of my personal goals within the next 5 years is to go on an extended 'historical expedition'.

Let me back up; I've been taking part in 18th century reenacting and living history in various forms since I was 6. At present I'm deeply involved with three non-profit groups that recreate various impressions of military units involved in the American Revolution, as well as portraying various aspects of everyday 1770s civilian life at public events. I spent this past summer (as well as the coming season) working as an interpreter at Fort Ticonderoga, a historic site in up-state New York. The more and more deeply I've gotten involved in recreating the past, the more I've found 'immersion-style' events to be the most rewarding way to gain an understanding of the past. Rather than putting on an event for a limited period, such as a weekend battle, or short demonstration, you spend extended periods 'living the life' at preserved or rebuilt historical sites, in the context of the history you're recreating. After my experience on the Vermont Semester 2012, I realized I could combine an eagerness for experience of the outdoors and my passion for late-18th century history.

This is just an idea at present, with only myself and a few other interested parties I've spoken with. In sum, the idea would be to recreate a historical trip over a period of several weeks, using only authentic clothing, gear and working from historical sources in recreating the journey as closely as is possible (or safe for those involved). At present I'm trying to learn more about Benedict Arnold's Expedition to Quebec (summarized here,'s_expedition_to_Quebec), Robert Roger's Raid on St Francis (see the following,, and a few others examples as possibilities for such a venture. This will involve a lot of homework and preparation on the part of myself over the next several years, and anyone else involved would have to be equally eager. This would involve things as varied as practising historical bushcraft (ex. can you start a fire in a drizzle with flint and steel?), hand-sewing accurate gear and clothing, and various projects of all kinds (making snowshoes for example). I definitely have an INCREDIBLE amount to learn and practice if I want to make this happen. And I wanted to put this up here because this group of people might be more keen to such things than most, and also as a motivation for myself to keep pursuing this long-term ambition.

Feel free to get in touch with me in regards to this posting, with any questions, suggestions, etc.

-Adam Hodges-LeClaire, NH Semester 2012
Adam Hodges-LeClaire
Adam Hodges-LeClaire

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Planning a Historical Expedition... Empty Historical journey

Post  Andy VSP 06 on Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:05 pm

You might enjoy talking to my friend/ farm boss Holly Wolfe, a vermont historian. Her Email is

Andy VSP 06
Andy VSP 06

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Planning a Historical Expedition... Empty Great Project!

Post  Clayton1 on Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:01 pm


Sounds like a really fun and rewarding endeavor!
I have also grown up doing reenactments here and there. I had a good time with one group, charging through fields waving fake swords (I was too young to get one of the wooden rifles), sewing pouches (the first time to the front of my pants by accident), making candles (/rushing a kid into a cold shower after a hot wax spill), and cooking all sorts of food (sometimes it was even edible!). My family also used to do living history with Hila (kroka alumni) and her family every year; choosing a time period and living out in a shelter in the woods with only the foods and materials they would of had back then. It really wasn't very accurate or anything but it was such a great way to learn history and it was so much fun acting the parts.
Your proposed expedition sounds exciting. I wish I had the time to devote to it.
Best of luck,


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Planning a Historical Expedition... Empty Re: Planning a Historical Expedition...

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