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KSA gathering Nov 2 Empty KSA gathering Nov 2

Post  Andy VSP 06 on Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:32 pm

To help get the Kroka Alumni Association a little bit more alive and kicking, we are having a bit of a shindig on Nov 2nd (and stay on for the 3rd to slaughter some sheep!) to discuss our relationship with Kroka, our organization as a whole, and how we can support each other. Plus, wicked good Crowfoot contra dance that night in nearby Montpelier.  
 Folks come Friday evening or Saturday morning. Maybe Saturday morning we can do something fun together outside. Cut wood, build an outhouse, something to tire ourselves out so we can sit for awhile. After lunch a big afternoon session of serious brainstorming and decision making for KSA. Potluck with friends and family in town before Crowfoot contra dance.
   Sunday morning.  We will be slaughtering two sheep from a farm in SoRo where I grew up, along with some local friends of mine who are interested. Blood sausage making, intestine cleaning, organ eating, sausage, headcheese and meat canning. Beasty feasty. Folks take home meat!
  What to bring: Some food for sharing and cooking. A tent if you want to camp out, but there are plenty of rooms/ school buses for folks to sleep in with blankets and pillows. Something to write with/ on. Your contra shoes if you have them. Sharp knives, wet stones. Something to take meat home in.
$25 for your KSA member fee. The sheep will cost $80 if folks want to contribute, no one denied meat for lack of funds.
  Hope to see folks! Cars are coming from Boston area, New York, North East Kingdom VT, all over! Contact Andy for more info as needed. Quizzicalkid@gmail.com
Andy VSP 06
Andy VSP 06

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KSA gathering Nov 2 Empty Re: KSA gathering Nov 2

Post  Ezra Fradkin ESP '11 on Wed Oct 09, 2013 7:25 pm

Andy - Could you post where it is and directions to get there in case people don't know?

Looking forward to it and hope to see lots of people!

Ezra Fradkin ESP '11
Ezra Fradkin ESP '11

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KSA gathering Nov 2 Empty location

Post  Andy 06 on Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:54 pm

Ok-day, I live at 5748 Hollister Hill Rd, Marshfield VT. If your on 89 take exit 7 towards Barre. (the Montpelier exit 8 is closed right now) you'll come to some big signs, follow the one that says "Montpelier" bearing LEFT. This will bring you to another light.
 Take a LEFT there, that road will take you to a round about. Take your first turn off that, towards Rt 2 East. Follow Rt 2 all the way to Plainfield. Once you get past the blinking light, the next LEFT rd is Hollister hill rd. Follow that up to the top of the hill, 10 minutes. At the top of the hill there is a four way intersection: Sadie Foss and Beaver Meadow rd. Go through that (no stop) and from that point it is exactly 1 MILE to my house. Two mailboxes, one red, on the RIGHT. Small wooden barn and house with wooden shingles.

From the north, take rt 14 south to East Calais. LEFT turn by the white church on the Marshfield Rd. Go through one four way, and then the second is Hollister hill rd.  (no rd sign). IF you hit pike rd you've gone to far. Take that RIGHT and we are 4 houses down, two mailboxes, one red, wooden barn, house has shingles.

From the east, come to Marshfield town on RT 2. Take a Right onto Creamery st near the end of town, which becomes the Marshfield- Calais rd. 5 minutes up the hill, and then its the next four way, once you pass Pike rd. Turn LEFT on that four way. Four houses down, two mailboxes, one red. Driveway is on your LEFT.

Ok, I know that' a lot but we are on the top of the hill and its many ways. Also, once you are within ten minutes of my place cell phones stop working so make sure you know where your going. The house number is 802 426 3210
Allrighy then, see folks soon!

Andy 06

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KSA gathering Nov 2 Empty Re: KSA gathering Nov 2

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