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Post  Anna S. M. on Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:26 pm

I took a really amazing class this January at HES!  Ted, our wonderful teacher, said I could post pictures.  The Bow and Arrow Press has several working vintage letterpresses and I thought this would be of some interest.  It was fascinating to learn how people used to print, and some of the projects people came up with were beautiful.  I also think it helped me think about writing in unusual ways; typesetting is done backwards and upside down and then the page is oriented to roll up from the bottom of the type to the top, so you really have to plan ahead.  We did some work with designs/linoleum blocks as well.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5511

This is one font, the letters are arranged according to frequency of use mostly.  It's something you don't think about a lot until you realize how exciting it is to use a k or an ff.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5512
This is one of the presses not in use.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5610
In use, still no ink on it because I manually inked the type.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5611
We didn't use them, don't entirely understand how they would work (I think one of them no longer could work?), but they are quite and old pretty cool looking.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5513
Manual press.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5612
Lots of fonts/sizes.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5613
This is a frame with type in it, the type gets locked up and transported to the press bed.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5514
Chemicals and inks.

Vintage Letterpress Img_5515
Linoleum/wood blocks in storage.

Here are some examples of things made there:
Vintage Letterpress Img_5516
Vintage Letterpress Img_5517
Vintage Letterpress Img_5518
Vintage Letterpress Img_5519
That last one was an experiment to see if they could print on a very thin piece of wood.  They have done t-shirts as well.

Here are some I made:
Vintage Letterpress Img_5520
Vintage Letterpress Img_5614
Vintage Letterpress Img_5615

Anyways, this was just so much fun.

Anna S. M.

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Vintage Letterpress Empty Awesome stuff Anna!

Post  Ezra Fradkin ESP '11 on Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:26 pm

Thanks for sharing these pics. It looks like you're into some pretty neat stuff. What is the name of the class?
Ezra Fradkin ESP '11
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