Immersive Permaculture Opportunity in Western, MA.

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Immersive Permaculture Opportunity in Western, MA. Empty Immersive Permaculture Opportunity in Western, MA.

Post  JMason08VS on Sun May 17, 2015 12:29 am

Dear Kroka folk,

Moss Hill Farm is now hosting interns interested in gaining hands on experience using sustainable farming practices!

We are participating in the WWOOF(World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) program. We'll be hosting folks interested in working 30 hours a week in exchange for experience, room and board as well as a $25/week stipend.

We're open to hosting short and long term internships.

please email- to get in touch.

Check out Moss Hill Farms WWOOF profile-

We are a small scale farm stand operation growing vegetables, fruit, timber and free range
pigs/chickens for local markets. We currently farm 350 acres with 8 acres in food
production and 320 acres forested. Part of our task is to create systems and procedures
we can distribute to others so that they can also become farmers with the skills to build
healthy soil and implement permacultural practices – to help solve the farming crisis
currently afflicting the world.

We live half a miles walk from the center of Russell Massachusetts. We are a 15 minute drive from the nearest grocery store (Westfield) which
we make maybe once a day. You're welcome to bring your own vehicle but could
easily get by on foot or riding one of the bicycles/carpooling. You have the option of bringing your own accommodations or staying in our guest room. We have also had guests who camp out in the forest – your call. Good wireless internet.

We have a large herd goats who we use to help control vegetation,
chickens and pigs to till and fertilize the gardens and generally improve biodiversity –
and give us companionship.

I (Jed) have a background in farming and education. I traveled around this country and
Europe WWOOFing for a year before becoming a landscaper/farmer. My neighbors and I like
to hang out in the evenings and talk or cool off at the swimming hole. Our town of Russell also has a state forest adjacent to the property, an excellent restaurant/bar and a few general stores within a miles drive.

Moss Hill Farm is cutting-edge, striving to push the permaculture method to greater
productivity and quality using free range livestock, maximal use of garden space,
renewable energy sources, and ancient irrigation methods. Some of our customers have told
us that our vegetables are the best they have had in their lives. We expect that you will
contribute your feedback and ideas to the cause, giving us both mental and physical work
while you are here.

Project List(Highest priority first)
-Stage Brook/Driveway Armoring using stone or permanent low cost guest accommodations
-Dam Repair
-Composting Toilet
-Sweat Lodge

In addition to daily chores of gardening and tending animals, we have a few specific
projects to tackle including-
-Stream bank armoring using stone or building permanent low cost guest accommodations
-Dam repair using stone
-Composting Toilet

We're excited to share our successes practicing permaculture. You should expect to learn how to run a system in accordance with a biodynamic plan, care for livestock, manage the crops of vegetables/fruits, maintain various sprinklers and structures and a variety of politically-insensitive jokes!
Please be prepared to work 30hrs/wk – hours and days are flexible. If we ever ask you
to work over 30hrs/wk you can work fewer hours the following week to make up for it. We
respect boundaries around your work hours, and expect that you repay our respect with
passionate work.

We can consider pets and children. If you bring dogs they will need to be very well
behaved or they must be confined somehow.

$25/wk grocery stipend on top of sharing in meals with us, if you like.

General tasks are likely to include: Planting/harvesting, irrigation monitoring,
observation of fencing/ general goings on, selling at the market (possibly),
construction, conceptualizing systems & solutions.

Jedidiah Mason-VSP '08


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